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Did you get a check in the mail?


Capital Credits - Frequently Asked Questions


Just one of the advantages of being a member/owner of an electric cooperative is sharing in its success. Deaf Smith Electric Cooperative is proud to provide its member-owners with affordable electric rates. Your cooperative is equally proud to have returned to its members, over the years in the form of capital credits.

The capital credit concept is often misunderstood. The following may answer some commonly asked questions:

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How to Pay your Deaf Smith Electric Cooperative, Inc. BILL using cash in person:

Beware of Scammers Targeting DSEC Members

If you receive a call saying your power will be cut off if you don't immediately pay your bill over the phone, take caution. That’s one of several scams utility customers across Texas and the nation are reporting.

Sometimes the scammers are asking the customer to make a payment through a third-party pay system or by obtaining a prepaid debit card. Unfortunately, scare-tactic scams such as this one are fairly common.

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